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Founded in 2018. Arizona immigration law firm dedicated in helping people obtain visas, work permits, green cards, or naturalization.

The immigration process can be confusing and difficult as the laws are constantly changing. It is important that you select an attorney that meets the needs of your unique situation. The firm primarily assists those who are in need of obtaining visas, work permits, green cards, or citizenship but we may be able to answer questions related to documentation from Immigration and Customs. Currently, our office does not represent those who are facing deportation or are in immigration custody.

Applying for immigrant benefits can sometimes require multiple forms to be filled out and certain evidence to be submitted to the immigration authorities. As an experienced immigration attorney, Mr. Post can quickly prepare the forms and will ensure the necessary evidence is submitted in a format that is easy for government officials to review. Mr. Post explains the process in a way that is easy to understand and will prepare a plan that will have the greatest chance for success. Additionally, in cases requiring an interview with immigration officials, Mr. Post will sit down and prepare you for the interview so that you are able to go in with confidence. We are committed to both the success of your immigration case and your understanding of the process.

Going through the immigration process can be long and stressful. The length of time a case might take is out of our control, however, we can help lessen the burden. As your immigration attorney, Mr. Post will be there each step of the way to alleviate the stress and worry by delivering personalized service you deserve. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and promise to return phone calls or e-mails in a timely manner. You can rest assured our focus here is to serve individuals who are in need of an immigration attorney and are here to answer your questions about your immigration matter.

The Law Office of Michael D. Post has offices in Tucson (AZ), Phoenix (AZ) & Las Cruces (NM).

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About Michael D. Post

Michael is a native Tucsonan and has been involved in the legal field for over 20 years.  He began as a clerk at the Pima County Justice Court. It was there Michael's interest in law began. After some time at the court, Michael went to work for a leading DUI firm in Tucson as a legal assistant.  He worked his way up to Director of Operations and made the decision to pursue his undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice Administration. Michael went on to graduate law school in 2015 and obtained his license to practice law in New Mexico in 2016.

In Arizona, his law practice is strictly limited to family-based immigration and Social Security Disability Claims.

He is a member of the following organizations:

  • Member of the New Mexico State Bar
  • Licensed to practice in the United States Federal Court in New Mexico
  • Member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association
  • Member of the National Organization of Social Security Claimant's Representatives
  • Associate Member of the Pima County Bar Association

Disclaimer: Michael D. Post, Esq. is a New Mexico licensed attorney. Therefore, our law practice is strictly limited in Arizona and New Mexico to Immigration matters.

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